The Original
Mystic Falls Tour
Follow in Elena, Stefan, and Damon's foot steps on this enchanting tour of this quaint southern town that is backdrop to your favorite Vampire Diaries moments-
 courtesy of Hollywood of the South Tours.

You have been invited in..... to Mystic Falls!!!

The Perfect Vampire Diaries Getaway
The real Mystic Falls is not in Virginia at all.... but is a fun road trip away in Covington, Georgia. Just as Damon whisked (or kidnapped?) Elena away for a road trip to a small town outside of Atlanta in the  Bloodlines Episode 11 of season 1, you will be captivated by all the local haunts and set locations of your favorite gorgeous TVD vampires and humans alike. 

You will be welcomed by your expert Vampire Diaries  tour guide and local who has painstakingly (did someone say stake?) dissected each episode to reveal all TVD local backdrops, and has worked as an extra on several episodes throughout the series.  

The Mystic Falls Tour is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a memorable Vampire Diaries adventure. 

Tour Highlights include:

Mystic Grill

Sheriff Forbes Office

Elena's House

Caroline's House

Matt & Vicki's House

Mayor Lockwood's Mansion

Bonnie's Gram's House

Bonnie's (Season 4)

Abandoned Mansion (Souls of Dead Witches)

Memory Lane Antebellum Mansion

Bree's Bar

Trudie Peterson's home

Dr. Gilbert's Office

Gilbert Flashback Home

Isobel's Foreclosure

Pearl's Vampire Hideout

Tomb Vampire Hideout

Murder Party Frat House (Season 4)

Rebecca's House (Season 4)

College Quad (Season 4)

Salvatore Antebellum*

Mystic Falls High School*

*courtesy directions to these locations

Pack your Vervain and come and enjoy the Mystic Falls Tour!

Mystic Falls Tour

Covington, GA

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